To Handcuff or Not To Handcuff

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With all my fellow fantasy football junkies prepping for their draft I figured I should take a little break from breaking down the impact that the new coaching changes bring us, and talk a little about who you should consider handcuffing.

Now before I go any further, since I am low budget and don’t have the fancy player photo package, I have to insert photos of my own… And this was the closest I had to address the topic of handcuffing. In case my incredibly supportive mom is reading my posts, I just need to make it clear I was never really arrested, I was pulled over for driving a smoking hot red Ferrari just a little too fast on my way to the Nurburgring track, and the police were super cool to play a joke on my mom. Now back to your fantasy football concerns.

My Co-host Jeff Mans is the king of handcuffing NFL running backs. I used to think it was waist of a roster spot. However, Jeff Mans finally made a believer out of me last year when LeVeon Bell and Jamaal Charles both went down for the season. Jeff was one of the only person I knew who still held onto DeAngelo Williams even after LeVeon Bell’s suspension was over. He was also the only person I knew that was not scrambling to the waiver wire after week 8, blindly biding just about every dollar they had left to pick up Williams.

I will never forget the day I bid 700 bucks to snag DeAngelo Williams off waivers last year. It was honestly the best waiver wire move all season long for my team. Basically it came down to Williams winning me my season, and costing everyone else theirs. Had DeAngelo Williams been handcuffed, my struggling season would have come to quick and bitter end. So guess what my friends? I LOVE HANDCUFFS!

Some people like to go crazy and handcuff pretty much every one with the justification of “Just in case the lead back goes down.”, and they sometimes spend all season with their back up plan never making their starting lineup. So here are my thoughts on who is worth the handcuffs, and who is just for precautionary measures sitting on your bench.


PIT LeVeon Bell/ DeAngelo Williams

Bell suffered a season ending MCL and PCL injury. Bell had surgery to repair his right knee after week 8. Reports said thankfully he did not tear his ACL but, did do damage to his MCL and other areas of his knee.  My biggest problem is that while he is hopeful to return in week 1 there is no timetable on his return. We are also waiting to see if the rumors of Bell skipping a drug test which would be ruled as a “failed” test, are true and if he will be looking to serve another suspension. This one is a no-brainer for me. DeAngelo Williams was a fantasy beast last season when the Steelers needed him to step in. If you plan on drafting Bell, Williams is a must for you.

KC: Jamaal Charles/ Charcandrick West

Charles is recovering nicely from an ACL tear last season. My concern with Charles is he is injury prone and he is a first round pick. It’s been a known fact in fantasy football, that your number one pick alone may not necessarily win you your season, but it can sure as heck ruin your season if they do not preform or have a season ending injury. West is sure to fly off the board for that reason and it’s better to have him on your bench as a backup plan than on your opponents’ potential starting roster should Charles suffer another injury.

BUF: LeSean McCoy/Karlos Williams

This is my last must have handcuff duo. And to be really brutally honest, it’s teetering between the fine line of a must have and a precautionary handcuff. Karlos Williams himself missed games because of injuries and that is my main concern of giving up a bench spot for him.  He has missed 3 games with a concussion and 2 games with a shoulder injury. However when healthy he can certainly step up and get job done for his fantasy owners, especially in a favorable match-up. LeSean McCoy is starting to age, and while I am pulling for him to always have a successful year, not just for fantasy purposes but so that Eagles can always miss him, he was banged up a lot last year. If McCoy was on my roster I would start to strongly think about making room for Williams on your roster.

The rest of the duos listed are for the people who love to handcuff for precautionary measures. While I am not a big fan of drafting with a precautionary mindset, I do like to pick up and handcuff players in the season I think will have a potential break and one day win the starting job. Just like we saw C.J. Anderson do. People thought I was just mean, wishing something would happen that would give Anderson the potential to carry the workload in Denver. It was so noticeable that when the ball was given to he was just as productive, if not sometimes more, than Ronnie Hillman. But this was a handcuff that was made after I saw Anderson play during the regular season. But for the players that love to handcuff, here are your other targets.

Precautionary Measures

AZ: David Johnson/ Chris Johnson

Two things I am expecting here; I expect the jokes to come flying in on handcuffing both Johnsons, and, I expect big number from David Johnson this season. Arizona runs the ball a lot and should David Johnson find himself on the injury list this season I see Chris Johnson stepping in over Andre Ellington.

PHI: Ryan Matthews/ Darren Sproles

This should become a run heavy team under Doug Pederson, and Ryan Matthews is not a stranger to injury. Sporles has a good chance of having the starting job if Matthews goes down.

DEN: C.J. Anderson/  Devontae Booker

Denver’s pass game is in serious question right now. The only offensive certainty I see in Denver is their run game. So they should lean on it a lot. Anderson is a talented back but should he go down I see more upside in Booker over  Ronnie Hillman

GB Eddie Lacey/ James Starks

While it looks like Lacey has gotten his weight under control, Starks proved to be a reliable option for the Packers while Lacey was under preforming last season.

DAL: Ezekiel Elliot/ Alfred Morris

Elliot is a first round draft choice on everyone’s list. I get that while he may be a rookie, he is a talented back with the best line to run behind. Tony Romo is injury prone and Dallas may need to rely on Elliot a lot more should their QB once again get injured. The Cowboys may put a lot of miles on their stud running back’s legs. I think Elliot will be fine all season but if you handcuff a Dallas RB I like Alfred Morris right now over Darren McFadden, who is out for two months after having elbow surgery in June.

TEN DeMarco Murray/ Derrick Henry

Henry crushed fantasy owners hearts when he was drafted this year to the Titans. The Titans already had a star RB when they picked up DeMarco Murray! This was the best news for fantasy owners. We finally had a star back who wouldn’t be splitting carries! This was going to be a fantasy goldmine! And then enters one of the 2016 Drafts best running backs. I can see why people will want to handcuff Henry, should Murray go down he’s a great starting option.

ATL: Devonta Freeman/ Tevin Coleman

I have nothing much to say here except the same line everyone else who believes in heavy handcuffing would say, “If Freeman goes down, Coleman will be the guy.” Matter of fact the same holds true for the following;  CLE: Duke Johnson/ Isaiah Crowell; CIN: Jeremy Hill/ Giovani Bernard, and  NE: Deon Lewis/LaGarrette Blount


SEA: Thomas Rawls/ C.J. Prosise

Rawls’ week one is in question after having surgery to repair what was probably damaged ligaments after fracturing his ankle at the end of last season. Pay close attention to training camp and preseason because this may go from a precautionary measure to a must have.

SD: Melvin Gordon/ Danny Woodhead

In PPR leagues I like Danny Woodhead as a flex option. Woodhead is a player I like a lot more in Daily Fantasy Football, but this is another situation to watch. Melvin Gordon did have surgery to a micro fractured knee in January. Woodhead works well in this offense and if given more carries and passes could be a solid fantasy RB.

Happy handcuffing my friends!

XO – Pilar

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Doug Pederson Brings Fantasy Hope Back To Philly

Continuing my coverage of how the 2016 coaching changes will affect fantasy football, today let’s take a look at changes to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles name former Kansas City Chiefs OC, Doug Pederson head coach:

The best news for not just Eagles’ fans but for fantasy players is that Pederson is probably as close to Andy Reid as the organization can get to put this team back on track.

What I feel the Eagles’ players need more than anything is a likeable head coach. I don’t feel they need to coddled, but certainly the heavy hand of Chip Kelly wasn’t working in Philly. Even as a Dallas fan what happened to the Eagles in the 2015 season was difficult to watch.

Change is great and changing back to a familiar coaching scheme is also something that is great. If a head coach that is able to work with the front office and maintain a good relationship with players and media, then former Eagles quarterback Doug Pederson is just their guy.

Pederson comes into the head coaching position not just as former player, but pretty much as Andy Reid’s trusted partner. Not only did Pederson work with Reid in Philly as the offensive quality control coordinator and later as the quaterbacks coach, Reid also brought him along when he moved to coach in Kansas City as his Offensive Coordinator. I sincerely love what Pederson can bring back to the Eagles this year.

As expected Pederson referred to his coaching scheme as “West Coastish” that’s what we saw Reid do in Philly. However, I think we can expect him to want to win games on the ground. Reid took a much more run approach game to KC, and that is something I think Pederson should take note of in Philly. Philly has an injury prone starting quarterback and a talented young rookie quarterback who will benefit the Eagles most with at least a year of learning as a backup. That can make me raise an eyebrow and flare my nostrils a little, but what Pederson does have is a decent running back core.

Anyone who has ever tuned into my radio show is probably scratching their heads right now, as yes, it is true, I have never been able to fully put all my eggs into the Ryan Matthews basket.  However even splitting carries last year under Kelly’s debauchery, he posted 539 rushing yards, 6 rushing TDs and 20 receptions for 146 yards and a receiving TD. Despite his 3 fumbles last year in PPR leagues his value does go up under Pederson’s offense. I expect Pederson to heavily involve his running backs in the passing game. Something we saw in the offense he oversaw in Kansas City.

Darren Sproles also becomes a lot more intriguing to me this year. Last year while his 83 carries for 317 yards and 3 touchdowns may not sound appealing to any fantasy owner, his receiving numbers are 55 receptions for 388 yards and receiving TD, now that is what PPR fantasy owners should take note of. Sproles is quick and once he gets open he can move the chains. He should fit in very nicely into Pederson’s West Coastish offense. Splitting carries is something any fantasy owner hates to hear but Matthews is injury prone my friends, he may be worth the late round pick up.

We also need to take note that the Eagles drafted Wendell Smallwood in the fifth round of the 2016 draft. Smallwood is well-rounded back who can pass protect and catch the ball.  I’m not saying anyone should think about drafting him but guys if Smallwood adapts easily to the NFL Pederson will surely find use for him in the rotation. Should Matthews or Sproles have a problem holding onto the ball or get injured, Smallwood may be on everyone’s waiver list at some point this season. He is the Eagle guy to watch closely in Pre-season. Frank Reich has also joined the Eagle’s this year as their offensive coordinator, let’s not forget how Reich brought Danny Woodhead back into the PPR fantasy mix last year as OC in San Diego.

I still suspect Matthews will maintain the bulk of the carries when the ball will stay on the ground. We will probably see Pederson want to run the ball up the middle a lot like we saw Andy Reid do last year. This will work well for the Eagles as last season the converted 84 percent of their short yardage plays. The Eagles run-blocking line had success with it.  So there is no reason in my eyes why Doug Pederson and Frank Reich would not commit to the run.

As for the Eagles receiving court, I would like to think Jordan Matthews’ good and bad game roller coaster from last year will change. On paper his numbers were just shy of 1000 yards but the problem for fantasy owners was that we didn’t have consistently good games from him all season. In my mind Matthews is still the most talented receiver in Philly however both Pederson and Reich come from previous offenses where the tight ends are used a lot. Not just to distract coverage form receivers but also in the red zone. We saw fantasy value out of Brent Celek while Andy Reid was with the Eagles. Could it be time for Zach Ertz to be utilized like Travis Kelce or Antonio Gates?  Last year Ertz finished with 75 receptions for 853 and only 2 touchdowns, I’d like to see his TDs go up to 5 this year.

Now here are my thoughts on Sam Bradford. Despite Pederson claiming Bradford was perfect for his offense, I’m not able to trust my fantasy team to him. Not before I see him have one solid consistent season. I would love nothing more for the sake of all Jordan Mathews fantasy owners that Bradford will be able to take charge of this offense but in such a pass heavy game, like most NFL teams are, I need 300 plus passing yards per game from my starting guy. Unless something changes for him this year, Bradford is still just a bye week plug and play guy on my roster.

Overall as long as the Eagles nail their clock management this year and make quick plays I am liking the potential fantasy value Philadelphia has to offer.

Browns Coaching Changes Impact Fantasy Football

FullSizeRender (3)

With so many coaching changes in the NFL I have decided to take the next week to break down each coaching change team by team. Over the next few days I will bring you all my thoughts on what the changes mean to all of us fantasy players.

Let’s start with Cleveland Browns:

The Browns have named Hue Jackson their head coach and offensive coordinator. After witnessing his success as the Bengals’ offensive coordinator, this has given many Browns fans high hopes for big changes in Cleveland. And I can see why, we all recall the pulse brought back to Oakland in 2011 when Hugh Jackson took the team to an 8-8 record. Sadly, the season came to a heartbreaking finale for the Raiders as they missed the playoffs that year in a tie-breaker. However, it was still a much needed glimpse of hope, not just to Raider fans, but to the players as well. With that said, we think we know what this means to Browns fans, but what does this mean to Fantasy Football fans?

For starters we can expect to see the Browns begin to run the ball. A lot. Hugh Jackson loves a powerful ground game. The last four offenses under his direction have all ranked seventh or better in rushing attempts and rushing touchdowns. It may only be a matter of time that we see Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson posting the numbers we have come to expect from Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard. The down side is, you may have to budget your mock drafts for a handcuff situation until we see if Crowell or Johnson will be splitting carries or one will get the workload. In all but the last season in which Hugh Jackson spent with the Bengals, their run game ranked seventh or better in the league in rushing yards, which leads me to believe we can expect big changes in the Browns passing game as well.

After seeing the success Jackson had turning Andy Dalton into the real deal for fantasy owners, regardless of his current QB situation with the Browns, we can still expect the Browns to throw the ball. What gives me this hunch? Well, in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Browns drafted star WR Corey Coleman in the first round, WR Ricardo Louis in the fourth, and WR’s Jordan Payton and Rashard Higgins in the fifth. In addition, they also opted for tight end Seth Devalve in fourth round which shows the Browns clearly invested heavily on drafting solid receiving options.

Jackson’s offense is much more vertical than the modified West Coast offense the Browns ran last year, and he loves for his passing game to make big plays down the field. There are plenty of options here for fantasy owners to be intrigued by, especially for the 2015 fantasy stud, TE Gary Barnidge.  At the 2016 NFL Draft, I had the chance snag a quick interview with the breakout TE and he said he was already developing good chemistry with his potential starting QB RG3. Could it be possible we see bigger numbers from Barnidge this year? I think it’s safe to assume under Hugh Jackson, the offense may be looking for someone to fit a role similar to Tyler Eifert. Coleman is a receiver you can snag later in your draft, as few fantasy owners like to take a risk on rookie wide receivers, especially with a shaky quarterback situation.

This leaves me to talk about the 800lb gorilla in the room and the only fantasy football offensive concern left to discuss, the Browns current QB situation. Jackson is very much respected for developing a relationship with his players on and off the field. This is the man that was able to turn Bengals star wide receiver Chad Johnson from a loud mouth trouble maker to a wide receiver who understood what is was like to play better football. We also saw him bring out the captain like qualities in Andy Dalton. And most importantly, we saw him get to Cleveland and quickly cut John Manziel, which shows he is capable of making the hard, but correct, decision. I’m a firm believer that Hugh Jackson is the best and only option for Josh Gordon to clean up his act, and for that fact alone, I would love to see him allowed back in the NFL. Well… ok, and also for the major fantasy value Gordon always brings to his owners. However, I also feel RG3 does have a chance to have a fresh start with Hugh Jackson and bring him back into a potential respectable fantasy QB.

RG3 will compete like hell for his role as starting QB over Josh McCown and rookie Cody Kessler. I think we are all starting to wrap our heads around the starting job in Cleveland going to RG3. If anyone can put RG3 back on our fantasy radars, it is going to be Hugh Jackson. Jackson is known for having a few creative shifts and tricks to help his quarterback identify the coverage and create matchup advantages with his formations. I am most intrigued to see how Jackson will utilize Terrelle Pryor, whom is currently listed as WR, however was originally drafted as QB. Jackson likes to be tricky, and with Pryor’s diverse talent, I think Jackson can really change things up in Cleveland. Under Jackson, we saw Mohamed Sanu not only line up as a wide receiver, but also as a running back and a quarterback throw a touchdown pass to Dalton. RG3 may be rusty, but we cannot deny his deep ball throwing abilities, and when healthy he can supplement with his feet. I feel what RG3 needs is a team that believes in him, and with proper guidance, can win games with him as the #1. I’m not recommending anyone start to make room for him in your mock drafts, but I am thinking his receiving core does have a chance.

Watch training camps and preseason closely with this team because there may be a few options here for fantasy owners other than Gary Barnidge.

xo – Pilar

MY Week 14 DraftKings Top 5 QB/WR Combos

The ticket winners have been selected already and I hope those tickets make you guys some big money this week! But in case you missed my top 5 QB/WR combos for the week here’s the link 🙂


Good luck to everyone in week 14!
xo- Pilar

Week 14 NFL Thursday night picks

Looks like I am starting this week off right. It was a much closer game than I thought but in the end Arizona wins 23/ 20 over the Vikings!

Happy football!


2015 Billabong Pipe Masters Surf-Stats

2015 Billabong Pipe Masters

The guys over at are back in action with some great projections and analysis for the Pipe Masters.  It kicks off this Tuesday so definitely check it out before lineups lock!  They have research tools and advice for WSL Fantasy Surfing,  Fantasy Surfer and Fantasurf.  

It looks like Jordy Smith will  be surfing the event, but as they outline, he hasn’t come back strong.   Matt Banting and Freddy Patacchia Jr. are officially out as well, but Bruce Irons is in the lineup!  Who’s hot and who’s not?  Head over to Surf-Stats and find out. 


Pipeline_HumpbacksThe 2015 World Title race comes down to the wire at the final event and the forecast is calling for cooperative winds and double to triple overhead swell – get excited.  There’s a lot of drama waiting to unfold and more World Title scenarios than you can shake a stick at.  Go ahead and get your beak wet over at – surfing is a great way to strengthen your prowess as an omniscient fantasy guru on the ground floor.

If you’re new to Fantasy Surfing, come join us in our World Surf League Fantasy group:  Surf-Stats Clubhouse for the Men’s Championship Tour – Password = fantasy.

It’s fun, free and a great place to learn.  Then kick back and watch your teams in action at the Billabong Pipe Masters this Tuesday, December 8 live from North Shore Oahu (live feed at 

There’s more a more in-depth article at Surf-Stats in our Pipe Masters Fantasy Outlook, but here’s our picks for CT #11 based on our Premium Projections (Projected Average Heat Score / Projected Points):


  • Gabriel Medina:                13.47 / 73.97
  • Italo Ferreira:                    11.23 / 62.08
  • Jeremy Flores:                   12.17 / 69.22


  • John John Florence:       13.35 / 93.15
  • Nat Young:                        13.49 / 53.5
  • Kai Otton:                          11.91 / 39.94
  • Kelly Slater:                       11.5 / 65.06


  • Bruce Irons:                      11.49 / 36.39
  • Any Wildcard entry – there’s just not much talent down low this time around.

Our Premium Projection model gives Gabriel Medina the win over Owen Wright,  Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson, but there’s far more data where that came from.

For more stats, research and analysis you can check out or follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even get on the Newsletter.  We’re a great resource, especially once you start playing for cash prizes on

 And don’t miss the exciting Big Wave Tour live on Sunday December 6 – Pe’ahi Maui is expecting 35′-45′ waves for its paddle-in-only contest.  Guaranteed excitement. 

Catch You In The Lineup,


My Fantasy Thoughts on The OHL Classic

The 2015 OHL CLASSIC at MAYAKOBA is set to take place this Thursday, November 12th, at El Camaleon Mayakoba, Riviera Maya, Mexico. El Camaleon Mayakoba is a Greg Norman designed course set on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Par 70, 6,987 yards. And if you are a believer in trends and superstitions then it’s going to be really tough for you to not spend big money on Patton Kazzier or Patrick Rodgers this week.  The first five tournaments of the 2015-16 season have each been won by a first-time winner. So keep your eyes on Patton, Patrick and even Brett Stegmaier to see if either of these players looking for their first win will be the next, first -time winner of the season.

Unfortunately budgets won’t allow you to set a wining lining up with both Patton Kazzier and Patrick Rodgers. So here are my thoughts on the two players looking for their first win and who could pay off for you in fantasy.

Patton Kazzier:  Patton has 2 top-5 finishes in his first two starts as a full-time PGA TOUR member and in a serious hunt for his first win. He’s come so close to the win that his hot streak is looking really appealing right now. Patton should do well and at worse finish in the top 10 but at such a high price tag that is a big risk for fantasy owners. You play Patton this week only if you feel he takes it all.

Patrick Rodgers:  In his first three starts to the season Patrick tied for sixth at the Open, and then ended up with two more top-20 finishes. Here is my concern since we are talking about patterns, Patrick has finished T4, then T13 and in his last tournament he finished T20. Last weekend was also the first time he was over par in a round. If we can at least see the Patrick Rodgers, who isn’t going over par, that we were used to seeing he’s going to rack up the fantasy points even if he doesn’t win.

Matt Kuchar and Brendan Steele are two other players to keep an eye on at the OHL Classic. Personally I like Matt Kuchar this week. He’s got six top 10 finishes in his last 10 starts. I think he could win the whole thing.

If you are new to fantasy golf, I suggest you run to your favorite Daily Fantasy Sports site and give it a try. You may find yourself with a new guilty pleasure. Tournaments start as low as 3 bucks. And if Fantasy Golf is not your thing I will share a little fun video my friends at GolfStream put together of some of my clutch moments, after drinking way too much wonderful wine and enjoying some really great food at their headquarters.

Oct 05 7p Pilar ATW alt email

Ok… I made friends with the editor there. I was drinking, and in high heels this is what it really looked like. No way did I really make that one handed side putt. HA! Enjoy! And good luck to everyone playing a little fantasy golf this week!

Oct 05 7p Pilar ATW real email

xoxo – Pilar


My DKTV Wk 9 QB/WR Combos

Congrats to @LVSDFS @ColinUntiedt @t00nch1 @BLATACH and @CVittetoe for winning this weeks @DraftKings Millionaire Maker ticket giveaway. While the contest is over be sure to check out my video and see which QB/ Receiver combo I like going into week 9’s match-ups.

Good luck to everyone this week!


My Week 9 Picks

Good morning my fellow football lovin’ friends!

Here are my week 9 picks. Hope you all enjoy the clips. Be sure to share your thoughts with me, you know I love to hear from you! Who is your favorite team? Or let me know who you think will pull off this weeks biggest upset.

Happy football!

xoxo – Pilar


Women’s Maui Pro Surf-Stats Analysis

My friends over at provide great fantasy surfing analysis and research tools.  Check it out if you’re into the surf niche.  A quick update on Laura Enever’s dislocated shoulder:  She’s moved into Probable status, so it looks like she will be surfing the event.  The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is having her on your team either way…


The Roxy Pro France saw yet another exchange of the Gold Jersey from Courtney Conlogue back to Carissa Moore. Tyler Wright finally found some form with an event win, leapfrogging Bianca Buitendag and Johanne Defay to land in 5th, while Stephanie Gilmore dropped to 12th in her CT return.

Our Tier B Lock pick, Tatiana Weston-Webb, took second for the event, but flat out won in fantasy.  She crushed the field for 112.7 points! That’s +8.66 over Tyler Wright (104.04) and worthy of a pat on our back. Hopefully you steered clear of Lakey Peterson (22.03) and Stephanie Gilmore (53.44) due to the risks we outlined, and our Sleeper Johanne Defay did some damage (76.17) at 9% started.

We’re headed to Hawaii in a close race between the top two. Regardless of what you’ve read, this is a two-lady bout between Moore (59,500 points) and Conlogue (58,600). With only 900 points separating them, there are a few scenarios that can unfold to determine the Title.

Carissa Moore Wins IF:

  • Moore makes the Final
  • Moore makes the SF and Conlogue doesn’t win the event
  • Conlogue doesn’t make the SF

Courtney Conlogue Wins IF:

  • Conlogue makes the SF and Moore doesn’t make the QF
  • Conlogue wins event and Moore loses the SF or earlier

*A surf-off will determine the Title Champion if Moore fails to make the QF and Conlogue loses in the Finals. Now that’d be something.

On deck is Honolua Bay on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  This is a point break over reef that offers a solid 6-8′ right-hand wall during an average November.  It will best suit surfers with a good AHS in right, point-break conditions in the overhead range;  versatility won’t play a factor.  All things considered, the Target Maui Pro lines up well for both Title candidates – Moore and Conlogue – already two of the most competitive surfers on tour. Each will likely put up solid points, so taking the WSL Fantasy win won’t hinder on Tier A. More than ever this year, your Tier B squad will make or break your team.

If you’re new to Fantasy Surfing, come join us in our World Surf League Fantasy group:  Surf-Stats Clubhouse for Women’s Fantasy (and here for Men’s) – Password = fantasy.

It’s fun, free and a great place to learn.  Then kick back and watch your teams in action at the Target Maui Pro on 21 November and the Billabong Pipe Masters on 8 December.

There’s more a more in-depth article at Surf-Stats in our Maui Fantasy Outlook, but here’s our picks for CT #10:

  • Carissa Moore
  • Tyler Wright
  • Tatiana Weston-Webb
  • Dimity Stoyle

For more stats, research and analysis you can check out or follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even get on the Newsletter.  We’re a great resource, especially once you start playing for cash prizes on


Catch You In The Lineup,